mixing portraits

Sunil Acharya, Dimension-5184*3456, fstops-f/5, Shutter Speed-1/250 sec , ISO-100 , focal lenght- 38mm

Flowers with macro

Dimension-5184*3456, fstops-f/5, Shutter Speed-1/640 sec , ISO- 200 , focal lenght- 45mm

Dimension-5184*3456, fstops-f/5.6, Shutter Speed-1/80 sec , ISO- 100 , focal lenght- 55mm

Diversion of Madyabhotekoshi Hydropower

Dimension- 4837*2931
Fstops- f/11
Shutter speed- 1/160
ISO - 100
Focal length - 24mm


I'd like the Landscape most but sometime trying different also makes better. It develop skills and efficiency.
Charikot Bazzar at night
Dimension- 5185&3456
fstops-f/5, 0.6 sec, ISO 12800
 Charikot bazzar at day
 Dimension- 4808*2655
  fstops-f/8, 1/25 sec, ISO 400
focal length-28 mm
anyone who know the sutting location they can write the location in the comment below they will get the prize.


BaBa will you take my portraits ?
ok give me the pose nani !  and she gave the pose.
Luziyana Thami


 f/13, 1/80 secs, ISO 100
focal length=55mm

f/5, 1/125secs, ISO 100
 focal length=37mm